Framlingham Castle Trip

On Friday 11th May Year 1 visited Framlingham Castle.

Check out all the pictures from our fun filled day!

Our journey to the castle.

When we arrived at Framlingham Castle…

Once we had put our lunch and bags in the old bakehouse, we went exploring!



Vet Clinic



After lunch, we made our way to the vets trying to spot as many different animals as we could. We saw seagulls, pigeons, horses, dogs and cats.

When we arrived at Pakefield Vet Clinic, Horia showed us around the clinic, showing us the reception, consultation room, pharmacy, analysing room, kennels and the x-ray room.

Whilst we were there Horia showed us how to treat our pet dog. First we had to check it’s temperature, then it’s heart using a stethoscope, and finally inject it with some medicine.

Looking after poorly animals


This week we have been having problems with some of the animals in the Pet shop in Turtles class. Two of the pets have been poorly and needed to go to the vets. Luckily Pakefield Vets is not far from school. The made an appointment and off we went.

The vet was very helpful. He talked to us about what might be wrong and showed us how he checks the animals when they arrive.

It wasn’t long before both pets were feeling better and we could take them back to school.

Animals in Antarctica

Year 1 are working hard finding out all there is to know about animals. Following on from the recent arrival of two baby penguins, we have been thinking about how animals in the Antarctic stay warm.

Blubber experiment

We pretended we were one of the animals living in our polar regions. All we needed was ice, lard and some plastic bags.

First we put ice into water in two buckets. Next we got two plastic bags and filled one with lard. Then we put one hand in the bag with lard and one hand in the plastic bag with nothing in. Finally we put both hands into the icy water and waited.

We soon discovered that the hand in the plastic bag with lard kept us warm when we put it into ice cold water. So we learnt that the blubber keeps animals that live in cold climates warm. Why don’t you try it at home?



Monday 12th March 2018 – Tiger class received a mystery package!


After a few clues and many guesses… GIRAFFE – SEAL – POLAR BEAR – ARCTIC TERN

The children worked out that it was a baby penguin!

It was a very tough decision naming the penguin, however, we all decided on Snowflake.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be researching penguins and seeing whether we can answer our questions –

  1. How many types of penguins are there in the world?
  2. Where else do penguins live?
  3. How long can penguins stay underwater for?
  4. Can penguins fly?
  5. How long do they live for?



World Book Day 2018

We had a fabulous time celebrating World Book Day!



Look at our amazing costumes:

Our theme for World Book Day this year was the story ‘The Troll, by Julia Donaldson.

We had a lot of fun designing new treasure maps for the pirates, meals for the troll and tracking different animals prints to find our missing goat.



100 Days BRIGHTER!

On 21st February Tigers class celebrated being 100 days brighter. Throughout the day we carried out a number of activities that were all based on the number 100!

I want 100 – puppies (Deon), chocolate bars (Macie), pandas (William)

I could eat a 100 – doughnuts (Monty), jelly beans (Sienna), chocolate bars (Elizabeth)

I can do a 100 – jumps (Brogan), press ups (Sonny), star jumps (Lolly)

We even did 100 seconds of fitness x10 –


We explored where we would end up if we took a 100 steps outside of our door. We made lots of predictions:

Kessingland Beach

Pirate Pete’s

Pizza Hut

Mr Payne’s office


Much to our disappointment, after venturing outside we soon found that 100 steps would not get us to Kessingland beach or Pirate Pete’s. After a few left and right turns we ended up at the main office gate!

Check out some of these fabulous outfits: