Year 1 are busy learning about Lowetsoft. We went on a long walk to have a look at some of the things Lowestoft has.

Charley’s dad came to tell us all about old Lowestoft. We found out Lowestoft used to have trams that ran along the seafront.


On Monday we found lots of fish and nets in out classroom. We enjoyed looking, touching and smelling them.

Now we are ready to think about what we want to find out about Lowestoft.


Wolf spotted!

After a phone call from the police and several sightings of a wolf in Pakefield, the children have been making posters to warn others.


Then the discovery of mysterious footprints in the garden led the children to design and build wolf traps.


Some traps were so good that we got ourselves caught in them!

Indoors we have been busy practising using the language of ‘greater than and less than’ to compare groups of objects.